It's nice to still get affirmation that you're doing something right. And thank goodness for FFBO's.

Lately our weather has turned from cold and damp to full-on summer: highs in the 80s and humid, as our summers tend to go. It feels a little like fashion whiplash, and you'd think after a lifetime in this climate, I'd have a better grip on it, but every year I go through a transition period where I look at my closet and don't feel like wearing any of it.

The situation has been compounded by a period when I've just not been feeling my best anyway. I'm carrying a little extra weight, and I suspect menopausal mood swings are also to blame; it's also been a bit of a tough winter/spring, but things are easing up a bit. Some unpleasant tasks are finally off my plate, and for that I am very thankful. I'm just having one of those times when I am wondering what the heck I am doing and whether anything I do makes a difference. A bit of a rut, I suppose, like I'm going through the motions. It will get better, I know. I'm working to keep this from slipping into depression. I'm glad I have planned my trip for next month -- it really helps to have something to look forward to!

But anyway, in the midst of this, dressing is always a little less joyful. Or, OK, sometimes a lot less joyful. And that's a ridiculous way to feel when I have a closet full of fab clothes. But I'll put something on and hate how it looks and start all over again, getting sweaty and irritated in the process.

So, that was pretty much how yesterday went. After doing some household projects, working on my laptop at home, and taking the dog for a long hot walk, I showered and changed to go to a big outdoor concert that my radio station puts on monthly during the summer. It's always an event I dress carefully for. Weather is the most important factor. Sturdy footwear is also good. But also, there is always a very real possibility that I will end up in some photographs, and I've made some unfortunate mistakes dressing for this in the past -- some outfits simply don't photograph well on me, especially in candids (I'm looking at you, white jeans).

So yesterday I finally settled on the Lululemon cropped pants (mine are the bordeaux color), my graphic tee from Amsterdam (grey with a black semi-abstract bird print on the front), the Freebird sandals, and the grey drawstring backpack. It was an easy formula, and it seems that those sandals pretty much elevate anything I wear. I also popped on my vintage sunglasses (in my profile pic), which I don't wear every day because they are antiques and fairly fragile, but I love wearing them when the occasion fits. Unfortunately, I neglected to take a photo before I left home.

As I walked from my parking spot to the park where the concert was being held, a young woman sitting in her car at a stop light actually called to me out her car window -- she told me I had great style and she loved my outfit. I don't know how commonplace that kind of thing is where any of you live, but that is the second time in the last six months or so I have been walking on a street in Baltimore and had someone call to me from a car to compliment something I was wearing (the other time, it was the long white jacket from Amsterdam -- I sense a theme here!).

It made me feel better, and made me realize that even though we sometimes fret this stuff, as life goes through periods when getting dressed is just another task to get done, having outfits that make you feel good can help to boost your day and your mood. People DO notice when you make an effort, which is nice. Even though I was wearing athletic pants, a tee, and sandals, the details in the outfit made it into something worth noticing. (Honestly, I think the sandals take the credit. :-))