thanks, Cherylm, I'll have to check out that store.

What a great picture! Your green eyes pop and your hair looks beautiful. And yes, why not have your umbrella match your specs! (I automatically finished the title with "turns inside out in the wind," but your sentence is much better.)

Yes, please, Yand new umbrellaLF Angie!:-)

So awesome! Love it!

Great photo and we need more Angie pictures.

Matchy Matchy is a good thing.

Cute. The polka-dots add a playful vibe.
It's not a look I would ever wear (green with polka-dots), but I can imagine you with this umbrella and it suits your style.

I find the idea of matching an umbrella to the glasses very appealing. Thumbs up!

How perfect is that:)

Thanks, ladies. You're lovely.

Lisap, I wore this outfit yesterday - see Finds - and enjoyed it. I might need another pair of wide crops. I love the silhouette.

Oh how fun! *claps* I have been matching my shoes and my socks. As soon as I get a chance I'll post it in the forum.