Once, after a hike where the mountain was encased in heavy fog. A friend got a picture of me at the top. I looked really good, if damp.

My skin always look good, because I take great care of it. Monthly facials help. Plus having a humidifier on our heating system is the best. But the cold winter does tend to dry my skin out more.

My skin looks best in non-extremes. Winter can be too dry but the high summer doesn't do me any favors. So warm and some humidity but not too hot.

Actually, that's best for my hair too. It gets frizzy in high humidity but in the winter I wear hats, which just flattens my short hair.

I look best just after coming out of a bout of sickness. It might be all of the rest I get when I'm sick. (I need a lot of sleep but don't get it.)

I wonder if anyone else has noticed this, but I've seen people who've removed sugar from their diets, show an improvement in their skin.

Like Dee, non-extremes are best for my skin. Too much humidity can break me out, and in winter, the dry air makes me flaky. I'm constantly adjusting my skincare to try to keep my skin happy and healthy.

According to my husband, at night after I wash off the layers of protection I cover it with during the day. I am experimenting with less coverage but cannot give up sunscreen obviously.

I think mine looks better in humidity, as long as I'm not exerting myself. In general, I find that the more sleep I get, the better my skin looks.

Outlier here - I can't work out any climactic variation in terms of dryness etc.
I look better with a tan, but try to not get one.

My skincare routine is terrible. I don't even take off my make up at night. Just wash it in the shower in the morning. Nivea moisturizer before my makeup in the morning. I should probably get a night cream.

My skin is always best when I am getting enough rest, drinking plenty of water and on track with a healthy diet:)

I think it looks best when I first wake up in the morning after a good night sleep, or an hour after a workout. It also looks good when I'm happy, stay away from gluten, mint, cinnamon and spicy foods. Extreme changes of temperature make my nose red.

In the spring and summer when I get a little colour back to my skin (I do wear sunscreen, but not a total sunblock). Otherwise, after a good, long walk in the fresh air. Cold, windy weather and dry, over-heated rooms are my skin's worst enemies.

Well, arctic air and blasting furnaces don't do my skin any favours, either.

My skin gets very greasy in hot humid weather, although that doesn't seem to make it more prone to breakouts. The zits seem hormone-related. It does cause some makeup related hilarity, though.

My skin isn't particularly great if it's very dry out -- it can get a bit dry and tight, and I need to wear heavy moisturizer.

My skin looks best when I've had lots of sleep, I've drunk lots of water, I'm not stressed and I'm mid-cycle.

It looks its worst after skiing in dry cold weather or in the middle of final exams, and at "that time of the month".

Skin from chin up looks better in winter when I'm not as oily.

Skin from chin down looks better in summer.

my face looks better in the winter, as it's mixte, my body has very dry skin and loves humidity!

Summer on the East Coast of the US... hot and humid, but not CRAZY hot. Since moving to California my skin has gotten noticeably drier and more demanding of daily moisturizer (yes, I used to often skip the moisturizer and my skin looked "normal").

My skin is terrible at the moment dry and flakey and few batch of fine lines everyday but I'm working on it from within with fish oils eating better and vitamins plus evening primrose oil but only on week one so hopefully within six weeks I'll see even the slightest improvement because right now I have the face of someone twenty years older then I am

My Irish skin likes Irish weather ... Damp and cool is best for my skin. And of course it looks better when I am eating well, and well-hydrated.

Goodness I never actually thought about this. I agree with a little sun I feel I look healthier (I wear sunblock). I grew up when shiny = oily (not glowy) so matte is my standard although I realize not the healthiest look.

Round about 1990 or so.

Okay, seriously, I associate "humidity" with hot weather, and this is terrible in terms of both my skin and my hair. But "damp" conditions (cool, gray, misty days -- think England) are great for my skin. And not as dire for my curly hair as hot, moist weather.

I'm of English heritage, so this is perhaps not a mystery.

I look horrifying after cardio! So splotchy!

I look best in the winter with a good daily moisturizer.

In the summer I have melasma, which is mitigated but not cured by sunblock. Also, my skin is dry from swimming.
Anne - I'm not great about makeup removal either.

After nine hours of sleep, it looks great. Eight hours later, not so much.

Probably summer is best for me because my skin is dry but I am very pale so I feel like I look better in winter when everyone else is pale too!
Angie, I know you have shared before but what moisturizer do you use for your dry skin? And face wash?

My skin looks best when I'm at home, because our water is slightly acidic and keeps my skin nicely acidic also.
When vacationing, if the water supply is alkaline, I purchase a bottle of vinegar to use as an all over astringent and a final hair rinse. The odor disappears in a few minutes and my skin and hair are happier.
I moisturise with a blend of olive and coconut oils.
I use olive oil to remove make-up.
In humid weather my skin can look ''muddy'' so I do either a light scrub with sea salt, or a gentle acid exfoliation with vinegar, followed by my moisturiser.
Best wishes.

Same ecteacher0000. It looks better when I'm at home. But when I go out what to do, I don't understand only.

Humid for skin and dry for hair.

How I envy all of you with oily skin laughing without any wrinkles while my dry skin cries all the way to anti aging creams aisle.

My skin seems to do well in Seattle--not too humid, but not dry. My hair does too!

My skin looks best when it's covered in make-up.

Ohh I haven't tried olive oil or vinegar on my skin - I will give it a try.

I live in a humid climate. My skin (fair, normal, a bit sensitive) looks at its best in Summer - well hydrated by the humidity of the environment, and slightly tanned.

OH yes, humid summer weather helps tremendously... Of course so does exfoliation and drenching my skin in Argan oil..