When my toes are not longer blue...Really anything above 75 which is about July, then its sandal weather...

When I feel like it... Warm temperature.

I love this thread! For me, it's a vibe. When it is warm but rainy, open toes don't seem quite right. So, I'll do Angie's tactic of using open heels and closed toes. (I have some fabulous Old Gringo mules, that I would sleep in, if I could.) When it's summery sunshiny but still chilly 65F, I wear a Pikolino's hurache similar to this Find or a slip on Converse. Again, open toes aren't quite right, yet. Bare legs (skirt or cropped pants) implies open toe shoes, 90% of the time.

Last week! The open toe high vamped blue ones, but under long flowey trousers. I didn't get a picture, but I was inspired by the look below.

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It has to be in the 70's for me, though I usually wear sandals a little later in the fall than I do early in the spring. The issue here is that although the temperature has reached 70 on a few days, the days still begin either in the 30's or low 40's. The mornings are COLD, so I cannot wear sandals out of the house first thing in the morning, even if they would be okay later in the afternoon.

Upon further consideration, maybe it is a "vibe". Because things are still so chilly here in the evenings and mornings, and the breeze can still be cold, it just doesn't feel like sandal weather, even if the temperature did reach the mid-70's by afternoon (which it hasn't yet). I agree that this is the season for loafers or flats or closed-toe shoes with no (showing) socks. The summer will likely be long and hot; no need to rush the open footwear.

For me? As soon as the temperature is in the high 50's (or mid teens for those who work in celsius like me)...and as soon as I've had my spring pedicure. Translation, I will be unleashing my besandled feet on Toronto's unsuspecting populous any time after tomorrow.
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60's or above - if I waited until 80'sI wouldn't wear sandals until june - nope not waiting that long. Though I'm pretty much done with sandals oct 1st no matter what the temp.

Whatever 20 degrees Celcius is in Fahrenheit

80s for open shoes, 90s for true sandals.

I have Reynauds in my toes, so it needs to be in the 70s for fairly covered sandals and in the 80s for really bare ones.

Still shivering!! lol.

It's 65 here today and I am in ponte leggings, layers and boots:) My sandals wont see the light of day now until maybe October/Nov.

I break out the sandals when the temps are in the sixties, as long as I don't have to do a lot of walking around outside. Quite frankly, after six months of winter, I just can't stand cold-weather footwear anymore, and if I know I can handle wearing the sandals at least for a short time without my feet freezing, I will do it!

Ha! Timely, but the other way around for us Aussie girls. Today and yesterday were 24C or 75F and I'm a wee bit cold in the feet in sandals. Tomorrow is to be slightly cooler, so will break out the closed shoes....