Sorry to be a forum hog, but I had an editing revelation, and it's a different enough topic than my previous posts on editing.

One of my goals for this style year was to add more colors of bottoms than blue and black. I have been successful at adding white, and I've doubled down on liking olive for bottoms, too.

However, I have realized recently that I wear only certain colors of jeans, and that they have to be in MY neutrals, which are now black, blue (denim and navy, olive, and white/ivory. (I have similar thoughts about trousers but I feel more comfortable in other colors of those.) I already had some grey and turquoise jeans that I'm on the fence about keeping. The former don't work as well as I'd like, and I realized belatedly that I just don't like grey jeans much on myself... I prefer white, now that I've found that white AT jeans work (somewhere, Angie is doing a happy dance).

The turquoise pair can stay on as a once in a while item; I just have to think of them as a statement piece rather than an essential.
This will be a helpful distinction for me, because in general, jeans are my most essential essentials, and they have to work as a backdrop to my fun printed tops.

Anyway, this is all to say that I got these burgundy jeans at NAS. They look good on me, and were on my list of things to find. However, I find myself not wanting to rip the tags off, and it led to my realization above. I think it would look good with grey, as in the stock photo, and I've recently rejected grey as one of my neutrals... though I have some items I still like and will let cycle naturally out of my wardrobe. Otherwise, I none of the wardrobe combinations I'm coming up with for them are thrilling me.

Thank heavens for Nordy's, because I can still return these rather than worry about donating, selling, or forcing them to work.