Hi all, in a chatty mood today apparently #procrastinating

Just contemplating my hair post, wherein I acknowledge that my hard-earned hair insights are actually something Angie told me at least 2 years ago, probably before then. I accept that this is my process - I appreciate her (and others) wisdom so much but ultimately need to test and learn things for myself (fun aside: my kids are the same, thereby proving karma is real) - but it is fun to reflect on the amount of times she's been right on the money! Here are a few I can recall off the top:

  • navy is my black
  • classic polished casual is my best style
  • blush pink is a better light 'neutral' for me than gray
  • actually gray generally sucks on me
  • mid-length bobs are my best hair style
  • contrast is more flattering on me than blended
  • I can easily incorporate cool-toned colour into my neutral-tending wardrobe without sacrificing cohesiveness. It's as simple as wearing it when I want to, and leaving it aside when I don't!
Love to hear your fun stories of Angie (or your mom, or whoever your trusted fashion adviser might be) was proven dead right, whether you got right on board or, like me, needed to go through the learning process for yourself. And thanks Angie for your generosity and infinite patience! xx