So, I've been thinking about clothes and wardrobe structure for quite a while now -- even before joining YLF nearly a year ago.

But the truth is, I'm not sure that all that pondering has made my wardrobe function any better. That's a little distressing to realize!

Part of my doldrums at the moment may be situational -- coming off a stressful several months both personally and professionally, with little mental bandwidth to even think about putting outfits together. But still.

I'm wondering if anyone else has felt like their wardrobe got worse before it got better?

For those of you who feel like your wardrobe is in generally a solid place (I'm thinking of Suz and LaPed for example, I know there are other posters in this category, but those are two handles that come to mind at the moment -- and of course Angie!), how long did you work at wardrobe building before it was in a state where you could add a handful of things to inject some newness each season, and rotate out worn items, without too much angst about the overall functioning of your closet?

I think that one of my weaknesses is that I'm really good at analyzing and planning (I can't believe I'm about to confess this on the Internet, but I can remember as young as age 12 designing/planning "ideal" wardrobes...there must be something soothing to me about "organizing" in that way). But I'm not so great at following through, I think. I know Brooklyn is someone who has really good skills in this area (thinking about her "Dark Romance" project) -- but again, I know there are others who do this well too.

Anyway, I'm grateful for any anecdotes, thoughts, or advice on these topics that you care to share.