Hi all,

Just pondering a few things ... Carla's thread about trends, a comment Suz made yesterday about enjoying keeping her denim capsule trendy, as well as tracking my wears using Finds.

What I noticed is that, while I have, say, jeans that are old enough I forget when I bought them or boots that are worn daily season after season, the only sweaters I have worn in December are ones purchased this season, or to a lesser extent, last season - and I'm ready to start repeating wears of these items rather than wearing older items that haven't been touched yet this month. Aha - I like to keep my sweaters fairly new and refreshed. I think this is because this is one area where I like to play with different colours, fits and textures (whereas, e.g. my jeans are all dark blue and on the slimmer side - with minor variations - and that's how I like them).

Given the looooong sweater season, and my happiness in wearing the same items once every week or two (sometimes more!), I think that having a sweater for 2 seasons almost certainly gets me to the 30 wears mark or close (wearing an item about every 1.5 weeks for a single fall/winter season of about 20-24 weeks would get me to 30 or more in 1 season - and this is not unreasonable for a favourite piece.)

This is really helpful, since now I can have more fun purchasing a smaller collection of sweaters that I like/wear more, and worry less about 'timeless' sweaters (which, given my simple style, just end up being flat boring) - and then feel okay about potentially turning them over in a relatively shorter period of time.

This is probably repetitive to other conversations, but it was a "click" moment for me. Which category do you like to refresh early and often?!?