A tangential issue on terminology in another thread initiated a little discussion on the term ‘trend’, with some seeing it as ‘here today - gone tomorrow’ and thus not a favourable descriptor. I view the term more favourably - ‘very fashionable or up to date in style or influence.’ (I save the term ‘fad’ for short lived crazes.)

I can understand that there is a perceived risk in being an early adopter of a trend. Will it be flattering? Will it look silly, or like I’m ‘trying to hard’? Will it become an expensive mistake?

A LOT of the blog posts on YLF ARE about trends. Some with legs, and some on the fringe. Some imminently flattering, and some that might get you the side eye from the SO.

What is your attitude towards trends? Are you eager to try new things, or do you have a ‘wait and see’ attitude?

Bonus points for listing recent trends you’ve come to love and enjoy!