In a recent thread of Vix's ( I brought up the idea of the "shadow style."

As I was imagining it, a person's "shadow style" is that style to which she is secretly or not-so-secretly attracted, yet finds it impossible to work into her own ACTUAL style without feeling or looking like an imposter; or it's that style which she would LIKE (at some times) to wear but cannot find a way to make it suit her.

Of course, another way of imagining the "shadow style" would be to look at it as the complete opposite of a person's style, so if you are very modest in your dress, sexpot would be your complete opposite. But I don't think we're usually very attracted to these polar opposites and they probably don't teach us as much about ourselves as do these "not-quite-opposite" yet (for us) highly difficult styles.

My personal "shadow style" (or at least one of them, LOL!) is boho.

I often like boho looks—on others. For years, I tried to dress this way a little bit (after all, I grew up in the 70s!)—but I never felt as if I was pulling it off. I always looked too uptight or something, not to mention that many of the flawy styles were just too much volume for me. Something was always "off." And yet, I'm still attracted by elements of the style. And still find it—even in tiny doses—very tough to wear, in part because it doesn't seem to blend with the other parts of my style that feel so "me."

So...what about you? What's your "shadow style"? You can interpret it either way.

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