Hi there, in my post about fall shopping, I mentioned that I needed some sort of a 'party/night out' top, which I find hard for some reason, and a few of you mentioned that you also find it difficult.

I'm not talking about a really special occasion outfit, but more something to wear if your going to a party or get-together at someone's house, or heading out for dinner with the girls, or a date night. Something to wear with dressier jeans and heels that looks a bit special without being over-the-top. Dressy-casual, if that makes sense. My usual black shirt-jeans-hoop earrings-dressier shoes combo below, which works fine, but wondering if there are other ideas that are still versatile, but perhaps a little more interesting?

So - wondering who has great ideas? Stylefan mentioned a silk blouse, which I thought was a great idea, maybe in a rich, deep color. What's your girls/date night FFBO?