Echo -- I have two pair of Ugg boots (black and grey). I do wear them to work and they are incredibly comfortable. The one thing you might want to consider is if your feet will overheat during the day. I found that although comfortable, by mid-day, they were just too hot to wear.

I would love a pink pair with bows, but I just cannot rationalize a third pair.

I need "support acts" for three items: black blazer style vest, brown and white houndstooth riding jacket, and brown and black plaid skinny pants.

I'm currently shopping for jeans and a black satchel but other than that I don't need anything.

With the late start to cold weather this year, I have winter pieces that I haven't even worn yet and I'm happily wearing favorite pieces.

When it's time to start thinking about spring and summer, dresses and dressier tops are usually on my wish list.

This year I'm really quite good to go in almost every category. I had two things I was looking for, but found stopgap versions I can use until I locate a really good replacement. I was planning to purchase a knee length down puffer coat for winter, and was lucky to find a decent secondhand one just before Christmas that will see me through this year, at least (might shop for a higher quality one in spring when they go on sale). I was also looking for mid-calf low heel boots that will work with skinny jeans and was willing to spend $ for quality, but instead I found an inexpensive pair that will let me try out the trend before I commit.
I'm still looking for a thin-gauge, stretchy cashmere turtleneck I can wear under crew neck sweaters (I'm always cold...and I live in Southern California, go figure!) I am also looking for shoes for travel that are comfortable for lots of walking but look nicer than athletic shoes AND match all-black outfits.

First of all, you have a great list! I wish I were that good of a planner-aheader.

I've been hearing that bare shoulders will be a thing for the year ahead, so I'm going to look for things that might work that into my wardrobe. I'm kind of excited, because when I show my shoulders I look a lot more "balanced," since I'm a pear shape. I know it's kind of chilly to think about this now if you're in the northern hemisphere, but nonetheless, my antennae are up!

Color is on my list! I've been in a wardrobe building phase for a couple years and have been focused on neutrals--blacks, greys, navys-- and now I'm craving color. Specifically, I'll be looking for pencil skirts, pants, and jeans in red, olive, and burgundy to mix with all that black, grey, and navy.

What a well thought out list, Anne. And I do hope you get those running shoes pronto!

I have a slowly developing list. It always evolves as the year progresses.

Right now I am looking for new snow boots. I may be out of luck, in which case I have to pray for a low-snow winter. I had to donate my old ones due to fit issues.

I would also like a structured, somewhat dressy bag. It's a bit of a HEWI. I have very dressy clutches (inherited from my mother and MIL) and totes and backpacks which suit my normal days. But I would like something suitable for times I am going out but don't need my huge tote.

I would like to find a bright parka. This is also a HEWI (fit issues) and I am not holding my breath for it. If I don't find it this year, I won't freeze. My current parka is not worn out and I want a new one as a supplement, not to replace.

By summer, I also need a strapless bra. A HEWI. I tried the Calvin Klein ones that was recommended in your other thread, Anne,it didn't work for me -- but I may try it again, just in case. It was close -- just more "bump up" padding than I prefer. I rejected it early in my (so far fruitless) search. Had I known how difficult the search might be, I might have accepted it.

I am not entirely sure what else I'll be looking for. I may be retiring some knitwear and if I see something great to replace it with, I might pick it up.

Good thoughtful list, Anne. I agree that new running shoes need to be a top priority if you are really running in them! I switch between two identical pairs to make mine last a bit longer, but I still replace them every year. But my supination also means that my shoes wear very unevenly (along the outer edges) very quickly, so I think I am harder on mine than many people are.

I just did a bit of inventory while putting laundry away the other day. I've refreshed my sock and underwear drawers -- got rid of everything stretched out, worn out, etc., and bought a couple of new replacements. Maybe a new bra later this year (again, I have a couple of duplicates that I rotate wear, so they last longer). I even just cleaned out my winter hat, scarf, and glove collections too. More there than I need! So I can't think of anything I really need or want in the coming months, except for a new pair of running/workout capris (I left my oldest pair with the hole in the knee to wear at the ranch in TX). Maybe when the weather warms back up and I get back on the bike, I'll spring for a new pair of bicycling cleats too -- my old ones are getting pretty beat up.

Feeling happy with my wardrobe at the moment, so I think the coming months will see me editing more and buying less.