What are you planning/hoping to buy in 2016? I'm putting this down partly for my own records - but feel free to join in


New glasses and sunglasses

Office capsule
Black fitted short jacket (a HEWI)
Comfortable orthotic shoes
Belt (maybe Obi)
Possibly a drapy pleated skirt
Drapy long sleeve blouse for tucking in (also a HEWI, as most of them are collarless, which doesn't look good on my small bust)
Maybe just maybe, a pair of pants!

New running shoes; I think it is time (last pair bought 6 years ago)
Lightweight fairly fitted zip up jacket for cycling and wearing as a topper in winter for running

Possible replacement for white clams (also about 6 years old I think)
Casual sweater
Lightweight skirt (HEWI)
A long sleeve top long enough to be worn with leggings

1 everyday bra
One strapless bra
Necessary replacement

I'm not limiting myself to these items though! Writing them down shows me that I am definitely in wardrobe maintenance mode, and for a nice change, don't expect any big changes in my wardrobe requirements (same job, same house). Hopefully there'll be room in the budget for something that jumps out at me fashion-wise, but I haven't seen much around.