I'm selling at a craft show this weekend. I do these 6-10 times a year and they always throw me for a loop.

These aren't your grandma's church-basement type craft shows (not that there's anything wrong with that.) This weekend's show is in a funky, urban neighborhood with 200 vendors, a fleet of food trucks, and a full bar. I have to set up my whole booth the morning the first day and tear it down the second, plus be on my feet most of the day. Manual labor + retail sales. This time, I'll be able to change between setup and selling. That's not always the case.

These shows are some of my few opportunities to interact with my customers in person, so I like to look good... quirky and creative, but not so much that you wouldn't want to hand me your credit card. I think I'd benefit from having some kind of "uniform" or formula for these occasions. What should I wear? What would you wear?