I love the sound of your festive brooches, a snowflake brooch on your red robe would look very fitting with the theme. I would not buy anything specific.

Zaeobi, you made me laugh

Yes to the robe, Snoopy, or sweater. No to buying something you'll never use again*
*Says the lady who's "ugly Christmas sweater" has been collecting dust for 2 years. Note to self-choose next job that doesn't think ugly sweater parties are fun.*

Festive! Bobby-pin your snowflake brooch in your hair like a barrette! Use a holiday mug/teacup if you have one.

Yes to SYC ( or shop your chest of drawers).
Try a few options on and always choose the more comfortable— that’s in the spirit! And really, it’s the collar and color and framing. Because I sense that “ festive “ is more important than PJ provenance. And I would need to be warm( rules out T- shirts in winter except as underlayer). Adding a fun brooch is creative, also.

Thank you . Each, for your input. Suntiger, this may be the year of the ugly festive face mask. I saw one covered with pompous.

Haha I'm glad @ FashIntern - laughs are definitely needed for 2020!

@Joy hope the gathering is fun for you!

Well I did see some Grinch masks already...

I am thinking of drawing a gnome face on a mask.

That’s fab Joy! Love the addition of the bag!

Perfect! Warm, comfy and festive!

Great answer—the sunglasses like the characters on the shirt are the crowning touch

You look perfectly outfitted for a December slumber party.

Perfect! And you didn’t buy anything. Win!

I like the robe, but a Chrissy jumper would be nice too

You nailed it and looked super FESTIVE ADORABLE!

Such a cute outfit and red and gold is so classic. I hope that the call was fun.

Thank you all for your ideas and support. We had 26 members attend and it was fun. Some had Covid and were trying to recover, so Zoom was a good idea. (Noone I know who has had it has been able to return to normal life.) It was fun to see so many friends and catch up with their news. Many are having to watch grandchildren while they are home doing remote learning and the parents are at work. Thank you for all your help and encouragement. I hope you all stay healthy.

I'm glad the party was a success! Your outfit was perfect.

Perfect zoom party outfit - love red robe!

The red robe was a gift my sister. It is I perfect length for sitting in bed to read a book or check YLF