I bought these. I adore them. They are the perfect style and color to add to my summer/fall wardrobe. I have a lot of pieces already in my wardrobe that coordinate with them perfectly.

They were on sale at Nordstroms. My current size was not available. I bought one size down from what I am currently wearing. My weight fluctuates five pounds and I am up five-six pounds due to four months of work stress. I gain/lose weight from my waistline so all five pounds tend to settle around my waist.

These pants fit perfectly while standing up. Perfectly. Then I remembered I spend 99 % of my time sitting down at a desk. I sat down on the bed. The buttons gap! There are only four buttons and they gap!

I hadn't thought about the buttons! What is acceptable? What is not acceptable? Will the pants give? They are sturdy cotton.

I am torn between love and the fact that they can't be worn. That goes against my stated shopping goals for 2019. I could tell myself I'll lose the weight, but when? I already have four pair of pants in my wardrobe that have been "put aside" due to the five pound weight gain. Do I want to put another pair in that same category?

I am confused and could use your thoughts.