I have not updated my jewelry in many moons. So let's pretend I own nothing.
My style is (striving to be) modern classic with a twist
My color palette seems to be black, white, gray, navy, taupe, with accents of teal and berry
I prefer v necks and open-necked blouses. My current work-from-home uniform is jeans and v-neck cashmere pullover. My wear-to-work style ranges from business casual (pants or skirt, blouse or dressy tee, cardi or denim jacket, flats or riding boots) to smart business casual (pants or skirt, blouse, jacket that does not match bottoms, pumps).
I have short hair and pierced ears but rarely wear earrings because the weight tends to bother me.
I always wear a watch that is sporty with a purple band. Waterproof because I never ever take it off. I refuse to lose the watch, even though it's probably hideous in the eyes of fashion.
I'd like to purchase just a few things, at various lengths that will work with whatever I have.
And I'd love to see what you come up with.