March the 3rd here, and while it is still warm and humid, I am starting to think about looking at new season clothes.

There is little distinction between fall and winter clothing here, nor between fall and spring clothing. However trans seasonal clothing is very useful in my climate.

My needs are mostly in smart casual/relaxed work clothes. I see my gaps in trousers/jeans, a new warm sweater or chunky cardigan suitable for working at home or casual evenings in with friends, and a couple of long sleeved lighter weight pieces of knit wear that can be worn solo or with a jacket. I also want some new flat shoes or ankle boots. These must be comfortable to walk 2-3km in. I struggle with this area as my calves are muscular/chunky and I have become self conscious about this.

I doubt I will invest in skirts at all this winter but I am open to the right sort of casual dress or tunic that could be worn with leggings or ankle boots and tights. I struggle with winter dresses - especially with figure flattery. I need some sort of draping or shaping otherwise I look matronly......ahem.

It used to be the case that NZ (and Australia) were a season behind....but fashions move more quickly and fluidly than that now. And while I want to look modern, and am interested in fashion, I seek longevity not a one season wonder.

So what I am interested in, is what worked for Northern Hemisphere people this winter, and what are Southern Hemisphere people thinking about purchasing. Specific pieces won't probably help as buying and returning to the US or UK is hard work....

Thank you in advance!