Living in an area that has been pelted with snow, I have to say that my mid-thigh shearling waterproof LL Bean boots (a discontinued style, or I would link then), LL Bean thick wool socks, and a Kenzie just-below-the-knee quilted, hooded, puffer jacket are my most used items. Outerwear aside, I love my Hue sweater tights that make my mid-thigh length skirt and sweater pairings a bit warmer.

Some plain black trousers to fit my post baby body. Very warm merino and yak hair sweater, and a new cashmere sweater.

I'm head over heels for fresh plaids -- two shirts and a wool scarf in grays and reds. Also my new colorblocked citron/olive scarf - another Angie pick -- that adds a colorful punch to the same dark eggplant down parka I wear every. single. day.

I have been stuck on the farm most of the winter, but the times I have gotten to the city, I've worn mostly variations on the same outfits with a lot of happiness. Picking olive as a neutral and buying two pair of boots, the Aquatalia and olive Pikolinos (booties with ties, a little more refined than the ones in my picks but same color) have made my winter city wardrobe lean but pleasing.

Some time back Angie did a round-up of outfits and there was a utility jacket with a red buffalo plaid. I switched it to blue (took forever to find, settled for menswear version) and have worn both items a lot this winter, together mostly. I am liking the cobalt buffalo check sweater a lot too.

And when we were at a conference in Chicago, with an unexpected chance to go to a blues club, I wore the leather tank with the utility jacket, blue denim bootcuts and the Aquatalias and felt amazed I actually owned and brought something for the occasion.

Those have been my winter victories so far.

My favorite winter purchases:

A red duffle coat with hood, Ellen Tracy, from Nordstrom. Not planned but I love it and wear it about every other day. On sale, so a good deal.

Slim leg Princess Mary Tartan pants from Pendleton. Comfortable, a change from all my solid pants. They go with red, blue, or black. Love them.

A pale grey Burberry plaid cashmere scarf. Used my Nordstrom Notes for this one, so really a freebie. Warm, goes with everything, flattering to my coloring, looks good with my black, navy and red coats.

These grey boots. I don't even care that I paid full price for them and they are now on sale. Love them, am wearing them today and have worn them a lot this winter.

I am not a big repeater so I can only really count my ink blue Boss overcoat (purchased this summer on super discount at the Rack). It goes with everything from casual to work. It's warm, but not bulky. It fits over work clothes (blazers etc..) and still feels tailored.