So, it's Friday the 13th, nearly Valentine's Day, and here in the Bay Area it's beginning to feel a lot like spring. (Sorry, those of you still snowed in!) I'm done buying stuff for winter and as part of my goal of trying to buy more effectively and enjoy what I buy, I just looked over the list of things I picked up this winter. Unfortunately I don't have most of them as Finds but I wanted to share anyway.

Most worn new items:
black skinnies bought sized up a size (Loft)
gray and navy long cardigans (Dress Barn)
light gray cardigan (Old Navy, similar to Find)
plaid flannel shirt (Kohl's)
SF and London tees (Old Navy, Finds)
brown ankle boots (Lord & Taylor, Finds)

blue rain jacket (LL Bean via Twice)

What I bought out of season that I'm looking forward to wearing:
stripey knit summer dress (Boden via Twice)

black cropped pants (Nordstrom Rack, navy in Finds)

What about you? I'd love to see/read about everyone's happy items, photos or not.