My last three purchases were also gear, for a recent hiking trip.

Three purchases before that included two dresses (I've been in separates mode for over a year but feel a dress mode coming on) and a V-neck Merino wool top (duplicate in black for one I own in navy that's been a true workhorse this winter).

I recently ordered two items in pink: a pink belt (Kate Spade) and a pink scarf. I have been building a small pink capsule and wanted to get some pink accessories before they get picked over. The belt and scarf are to match the flats I bought a month or so ago.

Pink is a little bit outside my usual style. I usually stick to neutrals.

I also ordered a pair of snakeskin flats from Sam Edelman. I am really looking forward to these; I haven't rec'd them yet. I'm curious to see how I will feel about them once I have them. These too are quite outside my usual style.

A navy turtleneck, a navy v-neck and a red and white striped mariner-style t-shirt ... was updating my essentials

Let me say, these are the last items I kept. I have some on order.

The top, below, for the win. I ponder having the flowy material at the bottom removed as it would definitely improve how flattering it is. But I have already worn it twice, which is a lot as I often don't wear something right away.

The others (not pictured) are boring basic lighter spring/summer weight black pants and crops to replace worn out ones. I bought these because of a possible trip to warmer weather, which didn't end up happening. But we had a warm snap a few weeks ago so as much as I am not excited by them, I was very glad that I had the forethought to purchase them.

My last 3 garment purchases were
Elizabeth Suzann cotton Canvas Clyde Culottes in Natural
Elizabeth Suzann Stretch Cotton Cecilia pants "only come in black"
Jamie & the Jones Silk Crepe Pocket Box Top in black

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My three were the two sandals in find, which are very typical of my style, though the rose gold colour of the flats was a first for me, and reads very much like my skin colour, and the long gloves in the picture, which were for my work party.
Not quite sure when I bought the sandals but I would say I have bought nothing for nearly three months. About time to start!

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I've been doing a fair amount of ordering and returning, so I'll tell you about three that stayed.

1. Shoshanna dress from Anthropologie (major splurge for mother of the bride occasion - daughter's wedding is in July)
2. Grey canvas KOIO sneakers
3. Grey wide-leg pants from Everlane

Fun thread! Cool to see what everyone is buying this time of year.

My last purchase was influenced by the frigid weather we've been having. After suffering out in the cold I decided to get some Heattech items from Uniqlo. Seemed silly to order them at the end of winter, but at least I got a great deal. I got the top in a beautiful vibrant red, but that's not online anymore. I wore the regular Heattech leggings under jeans yesterday and thought they only made a very small difference. They are very soft and comfy though and make good loungewear...

I really DO NOT need another pair of jeans, but Diana, your new Dres look amazing. How are they?

What happens if you purchased more than three in one go?

At the moment, I have a pair of cherry red Blundstones and Doc MJs out for delivery. I don’t expect them to work out, but it would be great if they did, because I need some stiffer footwear at the moment. They would also look better with some of my recent purchases than my current daily rotation of footwear.

1 long shirt dress — navy with black collar and cuffs
1 short sleeve black cocoon dress—hits above knee
1 sleeveless bodycon black ponte dress — works well under jackets, sweaters, etc.

Viv, they run smaller and skinnier than my other Dres. I went up a size compared to my blue denim pairs (which are both the 98/2 not-too-stretchy fabric). My regular size fit but I felt they looked a little clingy. I’m not sure how much these will stretch as I haven’t worn them for long enough yet.

Undies, socks and a T-shirt.

...Exciting, huh !?

Painfully in character: all gear, hiking boots, a windbreaker and a winter hat before they disappear. I am wearing the boots and hat nearly daily, and the windbreaker on almost every dog walk, so they were needed. And I was picky about colors from the Ocean Park spectrum, which is new, so that's good.