Shoes create so much potential for mistakes! Mistakes that can be pretty expensive.

Even if you never make a style error, anyone can make a comfort mistake. You don't know they'll be uncomfortable until you've worn them all day, and by then you usually can't return them, which is maddening.

There are other kinds of mistakes too. I sometimes find myself, for example, buying a type of flat that is trending among the hipster youth but that I really can't wear because on 52-year-old me, it just creates too much potential to be misunderstood. Just like "mom jeans" would. Know what I mean?

So fess up and feel better -- what was your biggest shoe mistake over the past year? It can be a comfort mistake or a fashion mistake or a mistake you can't seem to stop making..

I can't be sure these were a mistake yet, but I have a feeling that the Munro loafers I bought out of love for the "Audrey" outfit featured on YLF are not quite me. Too clunky and masculine, and the leather is too hard for my extremely fussy feet. Got swept up in Audrey's fabulosity.