Since today’s post was about not letting one’s style be bossed around, Irina mentioned on another thread that maybe a good question would be about some of the recent trends that you decided to sit out because they didn’t seem to suit your style, even though it felt like everyone else was wearing them

In my case, a few of the trends I decided to take a pass on were:

  • Leggings
  • Cold Shoulder tops
  • Distressed torn jeans
  • floral/highly patterned pants
  • Oversized Blazers

But now, what are some of the current trends you’re wearing or happy to try?

I’m enjoying/excited to try:

  • looser/ wider jeans
  • denim on denim
  • Cropped utility jackets
  • Midi dresses

Now over to you, What trends did you take a pass on? And what trends are you wearing or excited to try?