I haven't yet worked up the nerve to post pictures, and I don't have much of a wardrobe or outfits to post yet anyway. I hope it's still ok to ask my newbie questions.

I bought three skirts last night at Kohl's of all places. One of them is a faux denim-y black stretch pencil skirt. I'm such a newbie at fashion, I don't know what to wear with it - mostly wondering about hose/shoes. I do have a pair of chocolate brown suede tall boots I haven't yet had the chance to wear - and am wondering if the dark brown would be okay with a black skirt.

Meanwhile, I'm also wanting to wear the skirt with pumps or maybe even booties (I have some new booties on order which should be arriving next week). In this case - what kind of hose would I wear?

Kohl's website doesn't show their clothing very well, but in any case, here's the black skirt:


I also bought these two as well:



Any suggestions re: the hose/footwear - in particular with the solid black skirt? Plus, I'd love to hear any suggestions as to what to wear with any of the skirts. A simple black turtleneck looked pretty good with the tweed skirt. I also have a few cardigans that still fit me. They are the cropped sort, with elbow length sleeves.

Alas - the regular sleeved cardigans I wanted weren't available in my size.

Meanwhile, I still don't really have anything to wear under the cardigans either.

What would you wear with these skirts?

Oh, and is the plaid one 'ok' ? The quality's not the best, but I thought it looked kind of cute.