I am a SAHM with an infant and toddler. I also have chickens, a large garden, etc.

My style tends to be minimalist with a leaning toward "bombshell." I like shorter skirts/dresses that show some leg, or clinging shirts that show some cleavage. I love to wear heels, whether boots or strappy sandals. I prefer clean lines, body-hugging garments (when my weight is cooperating lol), and solid, neutral colors (with an occasional splash of red thrown into the mix).

However, I tend to the chickens every morning/evening in muck boots, end up with baby food and fingerpaint smeared across my shirt, chase around a toddler all day, and have to keep my long hair tied up so my baby doesn't yank it all out while she's nursing.

As a result, I find myself wearing nothing but jeans (and not expensive ones, because they often get stained) or baggy cheap cargo pants, plain cotton tee shirts, and Teva sandals or work boots (or barefoot).

Some days I run out with the kids and we eat lunch with friends or do some errands, and it just seems like too much effort to do hair/makeup/dress up, especially when I know I'm only going to be out of the house for an hour, and then it's back home to fingerpaints and chicken poop.

Any suggestions?