Hi All,

I always think my wardrobe is versatile for any occasion......I am struggling to decide what to wear tonight to a function prior to a school ball/prom. Teens will be in suits and ballgowns - so I don't want to pretend I am a teen. But I may end up in photos with the son and his date, and I don't know many of the parents very well.

I am thinking either my wine spot dress with knee high or camel ankle boots, or my black dress with the same, or black skinnies with a blouse and my duck egg blazer (pumps or black boots) With a bit of jewelry....and makeup...

I have also added the black floral blouse as an option with the skinnies (but I don't love this combo) or the cream jacket? I pulled out my red silk shirt as an option but it is starting to wear which I had not noticed until now - it is 9 years old so it has done well. It has life but maybe not for this occasion.

If this was summer I would have lots of options..

It is mid winter here and a cold crisp day..... so I will need hosiery and covered shoes. Linen feels wrong so my rust culottes are not right.

I have about four hours to make a call.