I had mentioned earlier on that I have a wedding to attend early next month.
At the time there was a lot of confusion on my part what I should wear or might be expected to wear. I did not mention any of that part. I just went into holding pattern or maybe call it "take a deep breath".
Now I have a dress for semi-formal dress request. I am not real good at identifying colors by correct name, so I thought the dress was navy when I purchased it. After looking at it I thought it was too light or maybe better word is too bright to be considered navy. So I looked at the tag for first time and it says royal blue which I agree it is closer royal than navy. However only one other person has seen the dress and says it is navy.
I only mention this because I am trying to describe the color to you. I like the dress, it fits very nicely, royal and/or navy are both good colors for me
I have been on line looking for accessories. I am planning to go shopping tomorrow at a large mall, which includes Nordies and plenty of other stores. More than I will go to. I do have someone going with me who has a great eye for color and all the details.
To get to the point. What color shoes should I look for? And I will appreciate just as much input as you care to give me to help finalize this.
I used to wear high heeled shoes, but can not do so now. Two inches is maximum and even lower would be better.
I do have some ideas in mind, but am not posting them now because I want to get your ideas. Thank you!!