Next weekend I will be judging a science fair organized by my county. It will be projects presented by middle and high school students. I will be spending a lot of time talking to them which requires looking approachable. I will be also spending a significant amount of time interacting with other judges and local officials which requires looking polished and authoritative. I need to leave a good impression as I will be on the job market soon and networking is very important. The weather is supposed to be pretty nice and it is a 8h long affair.
I am trying to figure out what to wear to strike the right balance. I am thinking a blazer for sure, probably either the grey Theory or the taupe Eli Tahari. Not sure if I should go smart casual or business casual. A more formal button-sown shirt or softer blouse? Dressier pants or relaxed dressier jeans? Softer and neutral colors or a bright blouse/shirt? Once I hear your general opinions I will probably start a new thread with potential outfits for your approval.