I've been invited to a late September wedding in northern New England. Ceremony and reception will be outdoors at a ski center/lodge type venue, and the announcement describes the dress code as "mountain formal" -- whatever that means (pretty sure it's a reminder for guests to bring warm layers).

I have a few ideas bouncing around for what to wear, but I'm curious how others would dress for this sort of event. The big wrench is the weather: it could be hot and humid, it could be rainy and cold, or it could maaaybe be the kind of clear, crisp day people imagine New England having in the fall. Or all of the above!

Instead of a single outfit, I think my best bet is to have a couple of different options or a mix-and-match capsule lined up to accommodate different weather scenarios. I'm not terribly excited about dresses/skirts at the moment, would love to suss out a dressy trouser arrangement but not sure how to do that in a way that skews celebratory. Topper and shoes? Accessories? Help me brainstorm!