I am attending a memorial service for my husband's aunt at the end of the year, while we visit his family in the Bay Area for the holidays.
The only instruction as to how to dress is "bright colors, not black." The event will be during the day with a light lunch. There is also an optional 3-mile hike around a local reservoir afterwards, and we'll likely opt into it.

I'm not sure if I'll have time or facilities to do more than change my shoes after the event. I don't think I need to wear hiking gear for the hike, but I'm guessing I shouldn't wear something like jeans to the event (even with a dressy top half). Although maybe "hike after" implies that something like jeans with a dressy top is okay to wear!

So unless anyone else has a brighter idea, I'm thinking of neutral slacks with some brightly colored top half, like a fun printed blouse? I may have to buy something new. I do have bright colors and prints, of course, but most of the appropriate items are short sleeved. I think I'd rather avoid choosing and packing something to layer over, as my best looking dressy options are mostly black. My bottom half will have to be dark (my neutrals are black and navy), but I think it's okay if I have brighter colors up top and choose the navy pants over black.

I can write and ask for clarification about the timing, but I'd like to wait for my husband to formally accept the invite first. (I'd like it to be him who does it.) Also, I can just choose a dressy top and then wear either with slacks or jeans, depending what I find out later from the family. But if I decide I need to buy a top, I'd rather do it this week before the stores are too full of sequins and party dresses, though maybe velvet in a bright color would be okay.

ETA: Thinking about wearing a pullover now, per the comments below, and I already have some that fit the bill (whether it ends up being a jeans or slacks type of affair or not).