I applied for a summer job teaching elementary school students various fun activities (my classes are knitting, sewing, and drumming) at a local charter school. I haven't met my future employers in person yet, and have a group orientation (during which they do the hiring; I'm bringing my id cards and filling out paperwork) on Wednesday. The school has a dresscode: basic school uniform stuff, closed toed shoes, etc. and a statement on their website about how the way we dress is a presentation of ourselves, and we should present ourselves well. Most of the other people at the orientation will be elementary school teachers.

I certainly would rather be overdressed than too casual, and closed toed shoes are a must. The high is 82 on Wednesday, though there will also be strong winds of up to 45 mph, and I need to bring a layer in case the school uses a lot of AC. For now I'm thinking brown flats, a skirt, a blouse, and either a casual blazer or a cardigan just in case. Any advice?