On Saturday my sister is holding a baby shower/picnic/get-together for me, my husband and our daughter at a local park. The venue is a big grassy field and a covered area with picnic tables. We'll be visiting, playing games like croquet and bocci, eating, and showing off the baby. The weather should be warm and sunny. The only element I have for this outfit so far is a large straw hat. I have two pairs of flat sandals: champagne Me Too Kali thongs, and Naot Valeries in lead.

And then, on the 28th, our baby is being baptised at our home church in Vancouver Island. The church is casual (people wear jeans to the services and our priest wears Birkenstocks under his robes!), but this is a very special and important event and I'd like to wear something special. We'll be taking lots of photos afterwards that will be keepsakes for ever. I do not want to wear anything with bare shoulders or spaghetti straps, since I'll be in church. I'd prefer a dress for the sake of simplicity. The ceremony is in the morning and baptisms are typically associated with white so I'd like to wear a light coloured outfit (not necessarily white). The only element I have so far for this outfit is a pair of pewter Brulees (I finally caved and ordered them when I found them for $65 online with free shipping!). I also have a pair of red leather wedges with brown soles. I would prefer something elegant and unfussy. I do own a strand of pearls, too.

There's going to be a tea in my mom's backyard that afternoon, so I need something to wear to that as well if the church outfit won't do.

I'm going shopping on Wednesday. Help! Ideas for items you've seen in stores that exist in Vancouer are especially appreciated--I don't want to order something online. I will definitely go to Club Monaco, Zara, H&M, Banana Republic, French Connection, MEXX, the Gap, and Jacob.