I have 4 dresses. In the last month I have lost a little weight, and it is just enough to make me feel more comfortable in them. One is a LBD sheath with elbow length sleeves, two are long sleeve fit and flare-black and one has silver threads thru it. The other one is blue lace with 3/4 sleeves. All are just below knee length. The blue is more summery and I have worn it with silver sandals and bare legs. I have several occasions coming up in the fall that I could wear the LBD and maybe one of the others. In the past I have either gone the bare leg route in warm weather or worn black tights or black sheer tights in winter. Now my problem is in September and October the black tights just are not feeling right to me. What if I do not want to go bare legged either? I do not own any nude sheers as I tossed them out as they had many problems, sliding down, not able to match skin tones etc. Any suggestions as to how to look current and wear the dresses? For footwear I am wearing block heel pumps-black, but I have a red pair that I could wear also.