So, I haven't been on a date in quite a while (consequence of my very complicated life/health circumstances in the past couple of years), so long that I have mostly forgotten how to dress for one. I have recently met the gentlemen in question at a local dance social and we are going out on the first date this weekend. He gets lots of brownie points for suggesting local cat cafe, as I adore cats but can't own any at the moment to to a bunch of complicated circumstances. We may or may not grab dinner afterwards. I don't really have any expectations other than to have lots of fun petting all the kitties, especially since I suspect that he is 30 at most, while I will be turning 39 in couple of months. While I am not complaining about looking younger, one of the unfortunate side effects is getting asked out by men who are quite a bit younger.
So normally on an early date I like to look like I put some effort but not too much. I stay away from anything too noticeable and go for conventional flattering outfits - defined waist, top in one of my best colors, nothing JFE/leg shortening. And comfy shoes in case there is lots of walking. If we were going out for dinner, I would have worn my new JCrew blue wrap dress. However, a visit to cat cafe includes lots of sitting on the floor with the adorable fur babies, so skirts/dresses are out of the question. White skinnies may get dirty on the floor, and black would be like magnet for all the cat hair. So I am bit perplexed here. It is going to be a warm, but not hot day. My brain is kind of suck trying to figure out what shape tops are waist defining yet modern looking, and nothing comes to my mind other than more tailored peplums. Thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.