Hi everyone,

Planning on visiting Melbourne (Australia) & Auckland (New Zealand) for 2 weeks over Easter (possibly Wellington too, depending). It's just me travelling solo, so the itinerary is pretty open - I'll fly to New Zealand from Melbourne, so I'll likely be bringing just a carry on for that leg of the trip, but leave my suitcase in Australia. I'll be staying at friend's places & the odd hotel here & there, but haven't planned out too many specifics yet. In Melbourne, want to see St Philips Island for the Penguins, do some secondhand shopping (not many charity thrift shops in Hong Kong), eat some good food, see some cultural sites & take the tram. In Auckland I want to see the Waitomo (glowworm) caves & generally relax. But I still want to look nice whilst doing so. Anything I should keep in mind? Thanks in advance!