Hi all,

I can’t recall if this has been discussed here before, but I’m wondering how any of you have handled an inherited fur coat.

I have one that belonged to my grandmother — I guess it dates to the 1940s or 50s? I don’t know what kind of fur it is. It was clearly worn and loved, and it is now not in the best of shape. It’s been kept in a cedar chest for some years now, but I think the hides are a bit dry and some tears at seams are evident.

I would never wear this, and it’s not my size anyway. I suspect that it could be refashioned or remade into something else, or the fur repurposed into cushion covers or the like. It could even be cut into a vest or jacket (it’s fairly long with wide sleeves). But I’m not a fur person.

Have any of you dealt with donating, selling, or otherwise handling an old inherited fur? Can you tell me about your experience?