When I retired 3 years ago I gained about 10 pounds so put off buying any clothes for my completely new lifestyle. Then came Covid and a cancer and Epstein-Barr diagnosis, and I put on more weight. Again, I bought no new clothes and have unhappily slouched around mostly in what I already had in my closet ever since. I’m now on a path to lose the excess weight, but it’s very slow going due in part to my diagnosis and multiple medications, But I’m plugging away and will get there eventually. Meanwhile, I’m tired of slouching and want to buy a few new things to tide me over. What would be a good basic capsule, assuming Covid lets me out of the house. I guess the ideal pieces might be considered casual or even smart casual, and figure flattery is important to me. I love and miss being able to pop on a fashionable outfit and feel good and confident about how I look. Any specific recommendations would be appreciated so much.