I have taken the kibbe test several times and I always end up with a mix that has me confused. Can you guys help me out?
My bodyline is longish (I am 5'8 with long legs and a short torso): A
My shoulders are narrow and sloped (in relation to my body) bra/purse staps easily fall off: D
My arms and legs are long, though not exceptionally lean. I noticeably gain weight in my hips and thighs. My arms stay leanish but also get flabby with excess weight: A?
My hands are long and thin no matter my weight. My wrists are also small: A.
My waist gets less defined with weight but stays fairly flat. My profile is noticeably thin. Staight on my hips sit high and slightly wide . My waist is noticably tapered but short.
My ribcage and bust are small (before boobjob) but i gain slightly in my chest arms and back when i put on weight.
My pant size is several sizes larger than my top size.

I have a small pointed jaw: D?
My nose is aquiline/slightly narrow but fits my face (or so I think)
My cheekbones are high but not prominent or fleshy. Even when I gain weight. With Weight weight I lose the small definition my cheeks have. A.
My eyes are slightly close set and upturned and are slightly large. D.
My lips are not noticeably full, thin or broad. C.
The flesh on my cheeks is minimal, even with excess weight. But my face tends toward slightly puffy, and less defined when overweight. A, B?
My hair is silky with a slight bend, fine. A