Came across this older article in Forbes about Athleisure.
I think Link Love may be closed for the week? Could not post there.

Thought it might be of interest.
It interested me because a lot of what I see, I guess on street or Pinterest and even here, that I thought was considered, oh gear, is not gear as I understand it, and so has been part of interest in understanding if there is actually "one" style or many variations/definitions, and read that it is not the above author's idea of Athleisure aeither. Then as well, I do not tend to wear truly high-tech sport/athletic garments as part of regular wear.
Also I've been interested in discussions of "technical fabrics" because not all athletic wear is, hmmm, "technical"--there is cotton, and Tencel--not all items claim "wicking"; and merino for serious winter..
In addition, many "real " garments are either made of, or lined with, synthetic fabrics--blazers and pants may be lined with thin polyester or perhaps semi-synthetic acetates. Many pants such as Boden and others are synthetic poly blends, though may be with stretch for....activity! comfort! Many folks like natural fabrics but wear synthetic base layers--like Heattech (which I'm wearing now under a cashmere sweater) .

Something of interest because I'm always interested in fabrics, blends, how they feel, launder, wrinkle.