I still like the big watches. I have all different styles and metals and I still love them . I won’t be buying any new ones ....I have invested enough !

I said once before that I saw some Nixon watches I thought were really great, but I couldn’t get past the name!

I'm the one who collected all those Finds! I'm visiting with my brother, who has a new passion for vintage mechanical watches. We got to talking and although I'm collecting the modern quartz versions here, it's a result of his obsession!

I'm wearing this DKNY one that Angie used to have. I love it. I guess it qualifies as a BF watch? I don't know, really. It's big on me -- on the upper end. Like Roberta -- my sweet spot for face size is probably 30 to 34 mm. Bigger is impossible on me. Too much smaller and it doesn't feel like it has enough presence.

I like silver but could mix with rose gold or colours/ grey/ black, etc.

I have no idea what's trending but I love something simple, classic.

I'm definitely in the market for a new companion watch to this one. I love wearing a watch -- it's a signature piece for me.

A few of my Finds under consideration below. Also like the Daniel Wellington watches and Olivia Burton florals for a nice change...

The women's watches I've seen recently are smaller than they have been in the past few years, rose gold (already mentioned here), and still pretty traditional-looking.

I've been wearing a "boyfriend"-ish ladies dive watch, but I love it anyway. It's a 36 mm case, which isn't that big on my wrist, and the diamonds make it classy without being over the top. I wear it with a business suit, jeans and a sweater, and my very casual attire, and have never felt out of place. The only time I wouldn't wear it is with a special occasion dress.

These from Tissot caught my eye. Again, still pretty masculine looking, and some vintage Rolex lines if you ask me.

I also love these art decos from Frederique Constant. Much more feminine.

I also lust after a Cartier tank-style. These are not current. But I like vintage styles. Maybe my next promotion at work.

Hybrid watch - you don't need to have your phone on you to track steps but you need the app to see the information. It's pretty cool actually, it tracks sleep and steps and then has some programmable buttons, like I have one set to track how much water I drink. You can also get notifications for certain calls or texts, although the vibration is a bit too faint to always notice it. It doesn't do as much as a Fitbit or Apple watch but all I really wanted was a step counter and it does that.

Love the Ted Baker ones, but I thought there was some issue about harassment in the company

I may be the only person left who actively dislikes devices that track me in any way.

Suz, that DKNY watch is very much like my Fossil bf watch.

Glad to hear that big watches are still beloved. I do love mine, was just worried that it was starting to scream "TEN YEARS OLD." Not 50 years, which would be cool, or 100 years, which would be even cooler, but just old enough to look dated.

it's not dated, it's your signature.

also, i've stopped wearing watches. my phone is my ride-or-die accessory.

I don't see watches really looking dated unless they really scream a trend. I think they are more a personal style choice than anything. I particularly like double-wrap watches these days, and I have two -- the black one here in my Finds and a lovely navy blue band Hermes that was a gift from my husband.

I really enjoy my two rose-gold watches, one with a fairly subtle mixed-metal effect floral detail, and the other a stone-look face and grey band.

I also have a smaller profile, dressy mixed-metal Skagen that I will sometimes wear for dressy events.

And then there is an ancient black leather strap and mother of pearl face watch I bought in Switzerland when I was about 26. I still love it and wear it when I wear gold since it has some gold in it. To my eye it is timeless.

But my old standbys are my Philip Stein watches, especially the dual-face one as it's my travel watch. Unfortunately, both need new batteries right now, and the dual one needs to have the crystal replaced. The store where these were purchased no longer carries Philip Stein, so having them serviced there will take a long time. I'm looking into other options to have these watches fixed. I have several leather bands in a variety of colors/textures -- white, silver, black croc, teal -- so I can change out bands easily on these watches for a variety of looks.

April, enjoy your Skagen! I have one that must be 10 years old now (I skipped the BF watch thing) and still love it - it's very similar to LaPed's but has a few hints of gold so I can wear it with either jewellery colour. I usually wear my Fitbit Versa though - clunky but functional

I love watches. I have a few that I have collected over the years. I have never thought of them as trendy. The one I wear the most is a mixed metal (stainless steel and gold) Bulova. It is large but not super large. Perhaps it is a small BF. I have others but they don't get much wear.

Thanks, Robin. Off to look.

Based on the Nordstrom site which I don’t claim is cutting edge, I am seeing a lot of medium size watches in mixed metals. At least they look medium vs really big which my tiny wrists can’t wear. The gold looks quite yellow, and there’s a number of highly embellished ones but maybe that’s a characteristic of the particular brand. Nearly all the watch faces are round vs square or rectangular. Can you tell I collect watches?