I decided I might just as well enjoy longer hair for now. It's been years since it's been this long--now just touching top of shoulders when straight. All I have are a couple of mis-matched barrettes. I can't even find any covered rubber bands or a hair comb--I used to have several of each.

My last haircut was Feb 14. I've been unhappy with my hairdresser for some time and have some suggestions, but too lazy to change. Well, she and her BF went to Italy right after that and thought they'd be safe because they were in the south, not the coronavirus locked down north. On the flight back BF felt sick and sure enough, he got worse. I had already decided to cancel my Mar 20 appointment--but the county lockdown cancelled it for me. On the 19th BF got his test results at last--yes, he had Covid 19. He is doing much better right now and donating his plasma.

I received a text from my hairdresser yesterday--she didn't get sick, but the salon she worked at is closing for good. She expects to be back in business in July or August, but I suspect she won't--she'll try something else. She's been bored with hairdressing for a long time.

Possibly salons can open in another month--we'll see.

In the meantime, it's been so long since I've had hair long enough to pin up or put in a ponytail that I've forgotten how--and a lot has changed in the hair world since then.

I have fine, absolutely straight hair. It's getting shaggy on the ends, but not long enough for me to try and cut it myself the way I did in college.

I would love any ideas, suggestions, or product recommendations.

Mr. M bought a hair clipper set online and it arrived this weekend. Tuesday I gave him his first haircut in 3 months and we're both pleased with it. He doesn't have much hair on top, so that made it simpler. He has come home with some bad haircuts lately, so I'm proud to tell you that I did better.

Here's some mid-80s or later hair. It's almost as long mow as in #1 photo. No more perms these days.

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