Oh dear, I have too many to count. My most out there pattern is my pineapple blazer and my most popular is a tie between florals and leopard print. I have abstract prints, stripes, spots, checks, gingham, houndstooth, tartan....my latest favourite patterned dress is below.

Polka dots, stripes, and plaid. I’m a sucker for them. Also tie dye.

Wow, The Cat, I can understand why you would not want to wear leopard. I wouldn't either.
I am always drawn to large scale florals, and usually not too abstract.

I forgot animal print. I have a ton of animal print accessories -- belts, bags, shoes. Giraffe, snake skin, fish scales, cow print, crocodile, and leopard, leopard, leopard. In fact I am in the market to replace my leopard belt and find a leopard clutch (the old one was used so much the fur wore off).

For clothing, it's a different story. I once had a leopard cardigan, it was very nice, but I always felt weird wearing it, so it got decluttered. In the Spring on a whim I bought a (very inexpensive) faux fur leopard coat from H&M, thinking it could work as a topper for our round of formal events in the winter. I tried to wear it for every day... and keep taking it off as it feels.... too over the top. Maybe this Fall I'll take the plunge.

The only animal print clothing item I wear frequently and adore is a BR wool sweater with ruffle sleeves with a *snow* leopard print. The white/grey/black somehow makes all the difference in my mind, where traditional leopard (brown/black) does not. Maybe it seems less literal? Whenever I wear this sweater, the hubby grins and calls me a bombshell. So it's my "date night" sweater.

Thank you, ladies, for your sympathy.

On the bright side, I have childhood memories of a beloved grandmother who sometimes wore a very beautiful paisley dress and who also had some wonderful paisley quilts that I enjoyed to use. She always made me feel loved, happy and safe. I think this is part of the reason why I have always associated paisley with positive feelings. At present, I have only three paisley items (1 blouse and 2 shawls), but I would love to get some more.

I was going to say stripes and plaids, but upon reflection I care a lot more about color scheme, contrast and scale than I do about print type. Some paisleys and florals resonate with me, and some stripes and plaids I wouldn't wear on a bet.

Yes I love patterns- mainly florals and geometrics. Houndstooth is a fave but only have one shirt in it currently. I once had houndstooth ballet flats I loved! I have also added 2 camo items in past 2 years, will wear the pale pink/pale blue/grey camo top today.

So happy to see a few others love of paisley. It is rare to find the right paisley piece recently; I'm down to one blouse and a favorite silk scarf. But I always look....Also like stripes and houndstooth in black and white. Love paisley with stripes as a pattern mix when the colors are right.....I like polka dots but can't seem to find the right one. For some reason I can love it from afar, but feel weird when I try it on. I have no idea why...but I'm a "feels" person so if it doesn't feel right it can't come home with me.

I love large scale florals - especially abstract. I also wear polka dots and stripes. I have a gingham dress and a plaid vintage coat. And one or two abstract patterns. I enjoy wearing pattern a lot- my most usual is one bold pattern with solid neutrals. I hope this look never dates.

Interesting to read others thoughts too.

If you open my closet you see a sea of black from jackets skirts and jeans. But then my tops. Also a lot of them dark but almost all with patterns. Stripes, flowers, plaid, gingham, paisley, black on black, animal, embroidered. I also like patterned bags. The only pattern I don't like so much is polkadots.

Dark florals/botanicals, leopard, peacock, paisley, dark tie dye/ombre, in general low value contrast prints where the colors blend into each other. I like polka dots if they're mainly black too for pattern mixing. Generally i don't wear plaid, but own a low contrast blanket scarf in my colors. I don't wear stripes, but would consider diagonal (in an asymmetric garment), if its primarily black. I think medium scale prints work best for me.
I noticed that i have a hard time pairing my patterns that don't include black, since browns were absent for so long, and patterns that are only 2 colors (unless they're 2 neutrals). These are now on my do not buy list!

I agree that having a good amount of a neutral in a pattern makes it more versatile. In a dress for me I am more flexible - in a top or jacket I prefer some black or white- it really helps make it more versatile. This has been a mistake I have made in the past.

Polka dots can swing twee or they can sway classy in my mind.

I used to be all about paisley and stripes. I guess I just got tired of them because they really don't do anything for me at the moment. I like florals but only (well, with a couple of exceptions) if they're dark and preferably small.

Oh, I used to be such a sucker for a paisley print. The brighter the colors, the better. My favorite paisley shirt was a light-ish purple background linen shirt with red paisley & hints of an amazing light, bright blue (Lauren by RL, just to help you get a better visual of the type of colors I'm trying to describe). Also, I was a sucker for some bold floral prints too, in those same RL-esque color palettes.

I went the mostly solid route for quite a while, but lately, I've been drawn to a few stripes and a few plaids, but they are nowhere near as colorful as my paisley & floral prints used to be. I did buy one floral top to wear to job interviews, but once I get a job it will likely get donated back to the thrift shop i got it from.

Coming back to say that I’ve thought more and I also love pin stripes! I like it when they look like fine chalk lines on a navy background especially!

When we were in Nova Scotia, we walked into a store and DH said, oh look, they have a Helena section, so yeah .... LOL!

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Interesting that several fabbers have made comments about colours and neutrals in patterns. I have noticed a change in my preferances: When I was younger, I liked my patterns to include white or black. Later, I added grey in this group. In recent years, as my colouring has changed, I have gradually moved away from using a lot of black, also in patterns. Instead, it has been more important to me that my patterns include at least one of my personal colours. I wrote about it here: https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....d-patterns
and received many interesting comments that you may enjoy reading.