While I wear several different colours, I'm gradually realizing that I feel most comfortable when at least one of my own natural colours is included in the actual colour combo. By "natural colours" I mean the colours of my hair, skin, eyes, lips ... In my case, this means: white, silver, grey, cool beige/brown, blue, and shades of pink and bluered. When one of these colours is included in the ensemble I wear, I feel more relaxed and "myself".

This is also the case with patterns and prints. In fact, it was when I started to analyze patterned items that I really discovered my need for repeating my natural colours. I owned a few patterned scarves and other items which--though they were beautiful and contained colours that, worn separately, usually look great on me--just did'nt look or feel quite right for me. I gradually discovered what was lacking: an element of my personal colouring. Funny enough, I also discovered that the majority of my patterned items actually do include one or more of my own natural colours, so I may have made many good choices by instinct. However, I enjoyed the analysis and especially the result: being able to realize not only what functions and what doesn't, but also WHY.

Over to you: Have you made similar discoveries on your style journey, perhaps in connection with changes of your natural colouring? Do you repeat elements of your colouring in your ensembles and/or in patterned items? Or do you have other thoughts and ideas around colour combos and/or colours in patterned items?