My black and white print wrap dress. I wear it more some years than others and am sort of off it right now. I’m not sure exactly when I purchased it, but it was a long time ago. I like loved it so much that I bought an exact duplicate but the original still looks brand new.

My most impressive piece is a wrap dress with dropped shoulders from 1991 that cost $50 and another $50 to alter. It was graduate school and I scrimped to afford the alterations. I wore that dress for the next 20 years with a skinny belt and black pumps. Every job interview, every professional meeting. I even have a professional photo in that dress. The belt got upgraded to hermes, the pumps, Manola’s. But that dress was always my go-to when I needed to bring my a-game. I finally outgrew it for the last time three years ago and now it is impressing my niece.

The sleeveless top I’m wearing today has impressed me. Navy, rayon blend knit with an embroidered yoke in dark gray, olive, gold, white and purple threads. I’ve had and worn it regularly for over 6 years. For awhile I wore it as casual summer wear with khaki-gold shorts. Then I had a navy herringbone, pleated, summer skirt that needed a companion, so I wore it for work with that skirt for three summers. Since retiring, I’ve worn it often with olive shorts, or jeans and an olive jacket.

It has served me well. Always looks like new. When I got it, navy wasn’t one of my wardrobe colors but I simply needed summer clothes. I might have paid $15. I was afraid the embroidery would soon look worn or dated but it does not. It’s very comfortable, fits perfectly and non-revealing around the armholes. No pilling or fading or stretching out. I hang it to dry, of course.

This goes to show that it’s very hard to predict which items will become favorites or workhorses, no matter the cost, function or if it ticks all your usual boxes or not.

My Celine Edge bag.
It's a relatively new addition to my closet, yet it is already proving its worth. My lifestyle chews up clothes and accessories at an alarming rate. I got tired of buying "nice" bags and having them look like they got dragged through all seven circles of hell within a month. It didn't matter what the price point was, my life chewed it up quick fast and in a hurry. I have had handles/straps detach within two weeks, mysterious stains appear that will not clean off the leather, you name it I have done it to a bag. I'm almost ashamed of myself for being so awful to bags.

This bag is already a few months old and it is handling my abuse like a champion prize fighter. I have a funny feeling that I will be saying the same thing years from now. I love this bag, and it goes with everything. It can handle me on my casual days, it can make me feel like a superstar on my rare dressy days, it is understated enough for my highly restrictive dress code at work and the right size to escape notice when I don't stash it in my locker (which is every day I work because it doesn't fit in a locker)... it holds everything I need with a bit of room to spare.

The best part? I was in the local goodwill shop, checking out, and glanced up at the top of the display case next to the register. There it was, New with Tags, for $40. I call that the smartest forty dollars I have ever spent in my entire life.

I do love reading all these stories!

Bj111 - I love how that wrap dress saw you through so many seasons of your life!

Cindy- that is hands down the BEST thrifting story I have EVER heard! In fact it inspired me to do thrifting yesterday and I got a treasure of my own! Please share pics of the bag!

Cjh I love how you've managed to update the supporting act and keep that top going!