After reading Angie's post (10 ways to add drama to your outfits), I thought it would be interesting to know which of these you are inclined to use in your daily life to pep up an outfit.

Some of you have already posted fantastic outfits (Parsley, Firecracker, MaryK, Ornella). But what are your most likely strategies, in general?

Here are mine:

1) Hairstyle (I am currently growing mine from pixie to shoulder length so it is a bit difficult to play with it as much as I'd like, but I usually love to create drama with my hair because it changes my face and silhouette a lot).

2) Architectural and Avant-Garde Clothing and Accessories (Even if I am "petite", and ruffle or volume induce lots of misses for me, I still am a sucker for it).

3) Bold colours and high contrast (Inexplicable attraction. But it generally works well).

4) Irregular Juxtapositions (not sure I am getting this in the same manner Angie intended... I love to pair unexpected items together, such as ones that belong to different wardrobes in order to dress up or dress down a piece. The effect is often fun and refreshing).