aka my Pinterest haha. I had quite a few epiphanies of late. The first was when Janet showed us her plaid tulle skirt. To me, she always looks so polished and put together, yet she also has edgy touches to what she wears and sometimes a hint of rock chic. It made me realise that why yes this is possible. I'm a little bit of a perfectionist and like to go all in or don't bother. I realised that if i'm honest I don't think I suit complete classic. I need some edginess. Some asymmetric hems for example. I have a love for shape and something a bit different. That said I can't go all out and do the complete geometric architectural fashion, but since I like to keep my colours basic, I need to add some interest. I also want to experiment a bit more with textures (I am somewhat limited however being vegan but there are lots of new materials on offer nowadays, so i'll see). As I mentioned in my previous post, I also realised I have to love each single piece on its own and not because it matches an aesthetic. I am very much someone who compiles things on aesthetic but it can lead to me not being overly enthusiastic about each piece. That said, I almost love absolutely all fashion styles as long as they have their own aesthetic. As in, if someone has a certain look that you would associate them in and that when you see a matching piece you think of them, that in my mind is what I'd call stylish. That's what I aspire to, something that is cohesive and you could ascribe to me.

I was compiling one outfit for my birthday, just picking something that I really like and that matches. I realised that I like some rock vibes. The jewellery I'm attracted to has that quality. Not like overpoweringly so, but like a more classical, refined version.

Angie posted on my last post with a comment that mentioned she was picking up 90s vibes and I had a think about it. Because I'm analytical I was really wondering how I was going to put together a slightly rock inspired style without skinny jeans. Now that the 90s had been planted in my mind, I realised how I could curate a more cohesive look. Of course I think the 90s look may be in part because that is what is currently trendy and available but also my subconscious reminiscing over my favourite childhood/teen show (Buffy the Vampire slayer). I think maybe adding in a bit of soft grunge look might work too, though not too much. I want to look casual polished (if that makes sense).

I'm also searching for more burgundy pieces but there seems to be a lack of them thus year. There does seem to be some khaki so I might concentrate on that and burgundy next year. I'm still contemplating that camo shacket. Camo isnt my favourite and it may be too short in the arm. Maybe something else will come up that fits better. I'm also contemplating the style of (vegan) leather jacket I might want...should I go biker or something like a long blazer/jacket?

In other news, 2 people (separately) complemented me today when I was wearing my latest purchase (the stella McCartney skirt). One said I look so cute and the other said I looked so beautiful like a model *blush*. I guess its a winner! (That or I usually dress so scruffily that I looked different now I started to think about what I'm wearing a bit more). I got the UK size 12 but I think its actually slightly too big. I've taken the tags off so can't send back but it does fall a little from my waist whilst I'm walking. Its not like it will drop off but it doesn't stay in the place I put it. I suppose I could take it to get taken in a little. Can they do that with stretchy fabric?

Photos are a bit of inspiration. Not that I want to copy the outfits exactly, just that kind of style I think i'm going for.

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