I know, I've been MIA for some time. I'm delurking to rant, but maybe I'm alone?

I can't get away from seeing puff sleeves on everything! They seemed rather prevalent last year as well, but as a broad shouldered IT shape, this rules out so very many things. When looking at my closet, I've determined I have enough sleeveless items and don't want more this summer. So I'm back to looking at short sleeves, and I guess it's good as it really deters me from over shopping. I've seen several clothing items (I'm looking for a casual summer dress) that tick all the boxes until I get to the sleeves.

I hope my narrower shouldered sisters in fashion will enjoy the bountiful gatherings this year, and here's hoping the raglan sleeve finds it way to more favor, since that rare finding is usually my friend.

Rant over.