I always feel a bit overwhelmed by trend reports, especially since one of the directional trends is DYOT. My style evolution is currently probably more influenced by Instagram outfit bloggers than anything else! But I AM eyeing a couple of very specific trends that I recognized in the trend reports in some version. We’ll see if they actually end up in my closet – my start of season list is rarely ‘checked off’ entirely!

Shades of blue: these are essential to my style so despite my expanding color palette I will likely add some blue pieces too. Prints with blue are especially versatile with the navy basics in my closet. I am eyeing this microtrend specifically which is a ruffle collared, puff-sleeved blouse, possibly in a blue floral. Everything else Victorian I’ll happily leave to others but I heart this style and am seeing a variation of it in every store.

Relaxed straight and balloon jeans: The 90’s trends are very appealing to me and easily incorporated: I am loving the return of midblue with no or light fading, and already own two pairs of relaxed straight leg jeans. For spring I want to add a pair of midblue balloon jeans. My only challenge is that high rises are easily too high on me and can be quite uncomfortable. But with the overwhelming availability of these styles I am confident I’ll find one that works.

White or pastel footwear: still on the lookout for a light colored pair of booties that work on colder and/or rainier spring/summer days. I am drawn to taupe or beige lug sole booties now featured on the highstreet and on many bloggers. But I know that I have to be careful about keeping my style front of mind, which is a little more refined and classic. Maybe another pair of fashion sneakers in a pastel color too.

Beige & tan over grey: I wore so much grey for so many years that I am welcoming the shift towards earth tones even though they don’t look as good on me. I think I am set with beige, tan and cognac (a couple of bottoms + accessories). With the exception of the booties mentioned above. And possibly a cream topper! The difference will mainly be that I will now wear these with cool toned colors too, not just with other neutrals.

Tonal dressing: you know I love this and I will keep adding slowly to my wardrobe in order to be able to make tonal outfits. But I don’t want to dress tonally all the time or own many one-outfit pieces so we’ll see how this goes.

For all else I will keep wearing both cropped and full-length pants and jeans, my midi skirts and dresses, and I will keep tucking tops for waist definition.

Below are some inspo pics for the type of items I want to add and a couple of pieces I got late last summer that I see playing a big role this year too.

How about you, have you got a clearer idea of how to refresh your style for the coming season?