Beautiful outfit.

To answer your question, the answer is yes. This has been the case from when I was very young, I can remember at age 5 I wanted to wear a long dress to a family BBQ and Mum let me even though my sisters wore jeans.

the best thing I like about white jeans is how easy they are to clean, a little spot cleaner, throw into the washer and your good to go.

I’ve reached the stage where i’m generally dressier than those I work with, but less dressy than my mom… I’m trying to straddle the norms of what I grew up with and the current environment that I live and work in. In the end, I wear what makes me comfortable and to read the room, and find something that makes me shine but not stand out.

I don't *try* to be too dressy, but my first memory of inadvertently being so was on the way back from an 'adventure' school trip (mountain climbing etc); a classmate wanted to know how I'd managed to look so 'smart' when everyone else was exhausted, in their post-adventure-stained clothes.

I remember feeling *so* confused, because I was just wearing cargo pants & a ribbed jumper - but I guess the polo collar & deep plum colour were enough to *seem* like I had my life together (despite also being *firmly* in the 'exhausted, post-adventure' camp). Fake it till you make it, I guess? lol!

A follow-up question, but I suppose my Deep Autumn colouring might mean many clothes automatically look more moody or dramatic just because of the dark colouring (which I think many interpret as a 'mature' look, even if subconsciously)...

My question is, those of you from lighter seasonal subtypes (like @Lana & @Bijou), do you find that your proclivity for pastels &/ or paler colours lends a certain vibe to your clothes that might be influencing people's perceptions that you're more 'dressed up' than you actually are? (i.e. white jeans with a lilac jumper probably reads differently to a black t-shirt & dark wash jeans)

Yes, I am often a bit more dressed up than others (I am sensing a trend here in this thread with YLFers :), but once you start doing it regularly, you kind of forget about it and no one comments, at least in my experience. Wear that beautiful spring outfit--Sunday brunch sounds perfect!

Gorgeous outfit! Looks great on you! I love light blue with white. Sunday brunch outfit!

Yes, I am usually dressed up more than most. One lady did say when she moved from one dept. to ours that she was going to have to "up her clothing game" because of me, but she says it gives her a reason to wear dresses and more business casual clothes (rather than jeans as we are a very casual office). Actually, I just got off a zoom call (which we rarely have) and I am wearing a bright pink moto and blush scarf with bright pink, red and olive (I'm going to post the outfit soon). Everyone else was wearing very muted colours and t-shirts. Even on zoom I am "overdressed." Oh well! Even now that we've been WFH for 2+ years, co-workers envision me in floral pencil skirts! It couldn't be further from the reality if I am not going out. I do like to make an effort.

Also, laughing at Zaeobi's hiking story! haha!

Super outfit!

It’s harder now to say whether I’m more dressed up because I still am only meeting up with people in a couple of situations. I was never “ dressy “ per se but did/do make an effort with my better casual items and with coordination.

I think that can be a guiding fact for me- that for going out of the home, it’s not just how “ casual “, but I love more attention to color coordination, proportions, and really need to watch fits ( casual should refer to the type of garment or fabric, but not mean sloppy.

At home for chores or reading, computer work, I just am more comfortable AND more productive in very comfy clothes and shoes. A few of my items cross over, mostly tops. So I’m learning how to have capsules for this and that and not sweat it.

I agree with Kkards on washing white being easier than other light colors.

And I’m with unfrumped on being more productive when I work. The whole “enclothed cognition” or whatever they call it—that theory that people work better when they’re in fancy office clothes—does not work for me. Maybe if I was doing simple tasks that didn’t need a lot of thinking, idk.

Yesterday was warm enough out for bare legs—yay! I tossed on a skirt, then added a blouse that was on my “clirty” rack (clean/dirty—worn but not ready to wash). I sat around for a couple minutes, then realized I was trying to gather steam to go out so “dressed up”. Changed the blouse to a t-shirt (also from the rack) & puffy vest, and off I went!

YLF! Yep, I can't bring myself to dress less than smart casual for any reason- aside from at home or working out.