Earlier I did an annual review https://youlookfab.com/welookf.....tions-2022, posted some numbers and photos of outfits representative of what I wear.

I’ve kept track of what I wear for 3 years now, though some of my clothes were acquired prior to 2020. Looking at the numbers for 2022, I can confidently identify the true workhorses in my closet, and thought I would highlight them. (See Finds)

#1 two pairs of Levi’s 721 jeans racked up a total of 176 wears this year (+86 last year!) I may be beating a dead horse, here. Classic, but not trendy - they work for me. 2023 may be their last year due to wear issues.

#2 white shorts from 2018. Wear is tapering off from 2020 when they saw 39 wears, but they were still a mainstay of my high summer closet. (Honourable mention to black jean shorts that were one season wonders, but chalked up 40 wears)

#3 the navy patterned LE sleeveless button down was an afterthought when I purposely bought a white one in early 2021 as I prepared for summer. For two years it has been an MVP racking up double digit wears in a short summer season.

#4 my merlot puffer may not be fashion forward, but it’s light weight warmth and glowing colour make me happy. It is my go-to topper during the coldest winter days November through March.

#5 navy mid weight puffer. I love this puffer so much! When the original was swiped from the gym coat closet, I hunted down a replacement. Perfect for transitional weather, and can be worn layered over or under other coats.

#6 It’s funny how these boots can look burgundy and ‘go with’ my burgundy puffer and Coach bag, and then look red and co-ordinate with my hard working red cross-body bag and red beret. Their shearling lining ensures warm feet all winter.

#7 green pleather pants bought on a whim are one trendy item that is getting a lot of wear at 20 occasions in 12 months. They make even a t-shirt and puffer into a fashion forward outfit.

#8 navy and white checked flannel shirt and #9 purple heather sweater are two items purchased this year that have racked up 24 and 31 wears respectively.

#10, #12, and #13 I’m a t-shirt girl at heart and reached for the navy one a whopping 41 times in 2022. The charcoal and white t-shirts saw 22 and 19 wears each.

#14 lighter tops aren’t my thing as much as darker ones, but after languishing in my closet in 2021 (8 wears) and almost being donated, I wore the cream sweater 26 times in 2022.

#15 It’s no surprise the lulu OTF cropped pants saw heavy rotation (21) but the lulu navy joggers #16 bought mid-year and already worn 19 times have been a surprise.

#17 purely bought as a whim the lilac Converse were popular from the get go, and are my #1 indoor shoe this winter.

#18 LLBean field jacket. I didn’t wear it as much as I thought I would in 2021, but it came into it’s own this year. The many handy pockets (there are side entry pockets behind the patch pockets) are a plus.

Some newer items that haven’t racked up wears in 2022 look like they might be contenders for 2023 - especially when I think next year might be the last for some older things that are showing their age, and maybe some older ‘sleepers’ will come back into favour?

What were your MVP’s and workhorses of 2022?